Fabulous Face Contest

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The winner of the Fabulous Faces Contest will be announced on stage during the Pageant on August 15, 2020


Doors open at 4:30pm  *    Pageant starts at 5:30pm.


Our Fabulous Face Winner participate in the 2020 activities throughout the year.

 Charity Partners - Bean's Cafe and Victoria's Voice

(Information about these organizations is noted below contestant's pictures)

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Miss Alaska for America Contestants

Charity Partners

Bean's Cafe and Victoria's Voice Foundation.

Bean's Cafe mission is to feed the hungry and the homeless without discrimination.   They  embody the values of compassion, dignity and respect for all who enter our day shelter doors.

“The premise of Bean’s Cafe is a deep belief in the inherent dignity of every person, a belief that people respond with kindness when treated kindly, with trust when trusted, and respectfully when respected.


Their aim is not to set up a value system – determining what is right or wrong – or a way of life for persons, but allow them to form their own. In this situation, a person is not pressured into acting in a special way, and their response is free, lasting, and more fully themselves.”

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Pelroy Franchesca

Contestant #17