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Mrs. Alaska America – Christian Mulkey - Wasila

Mrs. Ak  American – Brealle Frasier - Anchorage

1st RunnerUp: Wendi Yohman  – Anchorage

2nd RunnerUp:  Katelyn McClelland  – Anchorage

3rd RunnerUp: Karen Waldron  – Anchorage

Miss Alaska for America

Winner:  Vanessa Noble – Anchorage

1st RunnerUp:  Madison Edwards – Anchorage

2nd RunnerUp:  Kenya Hurd – Anchorage

3rd RunnerUp:  Brenna Schaake - Fairbanks

4th RunnerUp: Makaela Emswiler - Anchorage

Mrs Alaska Special Awards

Thank you note – Stormy Jenson

Most Children – Stormy Jenson

Best Wedding Photo – Brealle Frasier

Photogenic – Brealle Frasier

Married Longest – Kambe Padgett


Alaska Top Model – Melisa Behrendt

Spirited – Lea Jean Corbett

Congeniality – Kambe Padgett

Friendship – Kambe Padgett

Volunteer Service – Hannah Lain

Businesswoman of the Year - Deb Pickel-Morton

Top Model - Melisa Behrendt


Contestants Choice – Melisa Liebner

Best Smile – Melisa Behrendt

Ambassador – Hannah Lain

Fabulous Face – Wendi Yohman

Woman of Achievement – Deb Morton

Miss Alaska Special Awards

Thank you note – Qaze Xiong

Photogenic – Madison Edwards

Alaska Top Model – Vanessa Noble

Spirited– Mikaela Emswiler

Congeniality – Megan Christensen

Friendship –  Jessica Lynn


Volunteer Service – Brenna Schaake

Businesswoman of the Year – Brenna Schaake

Contestants Choice – Jennifer Cloud

Best Smile – Mikaela Emswiler

Diplomat – Jennifer Cloud

Ambassador – Megan Christensen

Fabulous Face – Joyce Rae Anderson

Woman of Achievement – Michele White


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For over 42 years the Mrs. Alaska America Pageant has been the "PREMIER" Pageant for married women. 

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