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Fabulous Face Contest

Vote for your favorite Contestant to WIN the Fabulous Face Contest.    

The winner of the Fabulous Faces Contest will be announced on stage during the Pageant on May 6, 2023


Doors open at 4:30pm  *    Pageant starts at 5:30pm.


Our Fabulous Face Winner participate in the 2023 activities throughout the year.


 Charity Partners - Children's Lunch Box Victoria's Voice

(Information about these organizations is noted below contestant's pictures)

Scroll Down to Vote for Mrs. Alaska America Contestants    *    Miss Alaska for America Contestants pictures are below the Mrs. Pictures

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Click in the Box that says 1 Vote $2.00.  A box will open up where you can vote as follows:

1 Vote     $  2.00

6 Votes   $10.00

12 Votes $20.00

20 Votes $38.00

50 Votes $98.00

Click in the "Vote Box" the amount you want to spend in support of your contestant.  You can vote as many times as you want. 



Then Click on BUY NOW -  If you have a Pay Pal Account you can use that   OR   Click on PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD to complete transaction.

Miss Alaska for America Contestants

Miss Alaska For America Logo.JPG
Miss Alaska For America Logo.JPG

Charity Partners

Children's Lunch Box and Victoria's Voice Foundation.


The Children’s Lunchbox History

In 1998 Kid’s Cafe, a non-profit organization feeding at-risk children in the Anchorage area was in search of a stable, responsible board of directors. Bean’s Cafe immediately realized that its mission of feeding the hungry should extend to the children of our community. Bean’s Cafe board members realized that many of the poorest children in our community are at risk of not having their daily nutritional needs met. While hunger affects people of all ages, it is particularly devastating for children. Even short-term episodes of hunger can cause lasting damage to a child’s development, putting children at risk for a range of cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and physical problems. When children receive the nutrition they need, they are more likely to move out of poverty as adults. This sparked a vision of “prevention” and Kids Cafe became a program of Bean’s Cafe.

In 2004, Bean’s Cafe renamed Kid’s Cafe to The Children’s Lunchbox as what started as a few hundred meals a month being delivered to a few programs quickly turned into a few hundred meals a day.

The addition of summer food programs as well as weekend food and pantry programs has only strengthened our work to assure no child is hungry. In 2019, The Children’s Lunchbox provided more than 300,000 meals to hungry children in Anchorage.

New sites and programs are added regularly as we work to feed every hungry child in our community. Our newest addition is the school food pantry/pantry box.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Victoria's Voice and the Children's Lunch
Box Program.   Thank you for your non-refundable donation.

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